Finn aims to be first female president of Somalia

Horseed  – Wednesday, 10 September 2014 (originally published 04 Sept)

Fadumo Dayib
Fadumo Dayib aims to become the first Somali woman to lead the country. Image: Yle

A Finn of Somali origin wants to run as a candidate in the Somali presidential election in 2016. Fadumo Dayib is currently studying public administration at Harvard, but she thinks that Somalia is now ready for a female president.

Fadumo Dayib moved to Finland in the 1990s to escape the civil war in Somalia. She’s now studying at Harvard but planning to return to Somalia—and she thinks she can make quite an impact on the country.

”I want to be Somalia’s president because I believe women have a chance to lead Somalia,” said Dayib. ”Women lead the country economically, manage family budgets and are very visible in society, but they have been kept out of politics. Somalia is now ready for a female president” . . .

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