After Changing Mindsets, Haryana Village Wants to Change Name

Harpreet Banjawa –  New Indian Express – Monday, 15 September 2014 (originally published 14 Sept)

women marching
Image: The New Indian Express

CHANDIGARH: In a state infamous for its skewed gender ratio and honour killings, the village of Bibipur in khapland Jind is a comforting anomaly. Honoured with the National Award for Gaurav Gram Sabha in 2013 for organising the first women’s gram panchayat in India for preventing female foeticide, the village is in news again for the right reasons.

The village panchayat has written to the state government to change the name of the village to ‘Bibipur: The Women’s World’. The village is also constructing a first-of-its-kind of lake called ‘Lado Sarovar’ spread across 12 acres and a road called Lado Marg. Sarpanch of Bibipur, Sunil Jaglan, said, ‘‘We want to change the name of our village to give respect to women folk. They have helped in the development of the village and in tackling social issues.”

The sex ratio figures, too, have been improving here, Jaglan said. ‘‘The sex ratio in the age group 0 to 1 years was quite bad here in 2012—569 girls per 1000 boys. Last year, it rose to 1117 girl per 1000 boys. The women fully supported us in the campaign against female foeticide despite initial objections from men. The women kept a watch on other women of the village who were pregnant a second time and ensured they do not abort the foetus,’’ he said. “After many women, including my own sister, raised this issue in the panchayat, our panchayat passed a resolution demanding an amendment in the Indian Penal Code to book perpetrators of female foeticide on charges of murder,” Jaglan said . . .

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