The Entrepreneur On A Mission To Change Women's Media

Jane-Porter- Fast Company – Thursday, 19 September 2014 (originally published 15 Sept)

Claudia Chan
Image: Fast Company

Claudia Chan wants to be the Richard Branson of women’s empowerment–by championing social entrepreneurship to solve global problems. “I believe it needs to be its own industry,” she says.

And she’s taking steps to make that happen. Chan has created a media network S.H.E. Globl Media Inc. She’s launched an annual women’s empowerment conference, and is working on a new project S.H.E. University that will offer classes and training to women online.

Chan has been focusing her business efforts on women since founding Shecky’s, a “girls’ night out” events company since the early 2000s. But it wasn’t until 2010 that she started to feel something was missing. She says her career lacked purpose and it seemed everywhere she turned, women’s media was consumed with stories about beauty, fashion, celebrities, and how to have a perfect body. At events for entrepreneurs, men always filled up the room . . .

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