Articulating The Muslim Female Experience: An Interview With Tayyibah Taylor

Sarah Farrukh – Altmuslimah – Wednesday, 24 September 2014 (originally published 05 Sept)

Tayyibah Taylor
Image: Sarah Farrukh

Today we remember the life of an extraordinary individual who strove for the accurate representation of Muslim women, Tayyibah Taylor. Ms. Taylor inspired people from all walks of life, leaving her legacy with the award-winning publication, Azizah Magazine. She was a trailblazer and shining example, committed to a better, more informed world. In an interview from the archives, Ms. Taylor discusses gender, Islam, the magazine’s vision, and violence against women in the Muslim community with staffer Sarah Farrukh.

Tell us about your experience with reconciling Islam and gender.

Tayyibah Taylor: Before I converted [to Islam], I visited a mosque while I was in the Caribbean to listen to the Friday sermon. My cousin and I were the only women there. After it ended, all of the men stood up and started shouting, “What are these women doing in the masjid?” I thought, “I just want to find out about Islam!” It was as though we were violating the sanctity of the masjid by our very presence. But the violation was not one of piety. It was one of presence . . .

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