The New WNN: Our Way Forward


Dear Readers,

Welcome to the beginning of the new Women News Network – WNN.

Last year we were chosen to participate in the inaugural Entrepreneurial Journalism Creators Program at CUNY Newmark School of Journalism sponsored by Media Lab Bayern. Through our journey, we decided on several improvements to our news experience that we are in the process of implementing. These new mediums will enable us to go beneath the headlines to cover the most critical issues affecting women in this day and age with more in-depth coverage than before and in more modern formats.

We will be relaunching Women News Network – WNN as a podcast called Beneath the Headlines where our first season will deeply examine the new reality facing women in Central Asia. We will also be launching a Substack newsletter where we will publish the same investigative longform articles widely praised and appreciated by our audience. Of course in the meantime, you are welcome to browse our archives of stories to inform your research, reports, or questions.

We appreciate your patience during our relaunch. Until then, sign up for our upcoming newsletter here or become a crucial part of our relaunch by taking our Women News Pulse Survey. Your feedback on how news about women’s issues is consumed and sought is highly valuable in what we are building and contributes important research to the global news community so our colleagues can continue to improve coverage on women. You can also read our report about the relaunch, “100 Days: Innovating to Restore Unbiased Reporting on Gender Equality” here.

We’re grateful to be back and look forward to bringing you news coverage soon.

Always moving forward,

Lys Anzia